Rural Americans from Across Election Swing States Call on President Trump to Fund Post Office

Farmers, rural community leaders and business owners from Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota and Iowa call Post Office essential to their way of life and well being

(Lansing, MI) – Rural America 2020, a collection of leading rural voices across six critical 2020 swing states today released a statement condemning President Trump’s remarks that he will not provide $25 billion in funding desperately needed by the U.S. Postal Office because of mail-in voting.

“The Post Office is a lifeline in rural America, not a toy to play political games with. We rely on the Post Office to pay bills, receive our medications and link to the outside world. In some rural areas we have been getting our ballot by mail for years because our towns are too small for polling places.

“It might be easy for someone from New York City to hold the Post Office hostage for political gain. But anyone in rural America knows that you are playing with people’s lives. In many pockets of rural America we don’t have FedEx or UPS. The Post Office is the only service that stretches into our communities.

“Any President who fears the voters enough to potentially cut off millions of Americans from their mail is not fit to lead. We hope that the President immediately reverses this decision and provides rural Americans with the robust Postal Service they need.”