Swing State Veterans Speak Out Against Trump Comments Denigrating Military Service

(Harrisburg, PA) – U.S. military veterans and leading participants in Rural America 2020, the campaign engaging rural Americans across 2020 swing states, released the following statements on the President’s comments calling injured military veterans and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice “losers” and “suckers.” The statements come from proud veterans in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Active duty servicemen and women disproportionately come from rural areas and veterans disproportionately live in rural areas.

“Trump uses the military simply as a stage prop when and if he thinks he will look good because of it.  He is a coward, plain and simple, and a bully.  He has undermined the strength of the United States, and diminished our ability to accomplish anything good on the world stage.  He has sown division and uncertainty domestically,  and he will continue to do so if reelected. No true patriot can support him.  I don’t, and I hope enough of my fellow veterans won’t either.”

– Andy Winder, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – U.S. Air Force (1972 to 1976)

“The greater loser is the man who now plays at president and will never understand the gravity of the office. I’m glad Nixon was my commander-in-chief in Nam and not this present misfit of humanity.”

– Steve Maurer, Bexley, Ohio (Ohio Rural America Steering Committee Chair) – U.S. Army (1969 to 1971)

Daughter of a World War II veteran (at his grave site) describe her disappointment with President Trump and his views on POWs and veterans: https://youtu.be/_Q94rDXcAM0

– MeeCee Baker. Port Royal, Pennsylvania – Daughter of World War II veteran

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