NEW DIGITAL AD: President Trump: Where’s the E15?

On the eve of USDA Secretary’s visit to Iowa to make last minute ethanol promises, new video shows how Trump administration’s giveaways to Big Oil have undercut previous promises on E15

WATCH: Farmers from across the Midwest visited their local gas stations to search for E15 only to find that “there’s no E15 here”

(Des Moines, IA) – Rural America 2020, the network of farmers and rural leaders that is working to educate and activate rural Americans on the dangers of current rural policies, announced the release of a new digital ad that points out the broken promises President Trump has made on ethanol and E15. The ad features promises that President Trump made in Council Bluffs, IA last year to promote E15 and describes how they have been undercut by waivers that he has provided to oil refiners to avoid having to mix ethanol blends. The ad also features farmers from across the Midwest who visited their local gas stations and found no E15 blend available.

The Rural America 2020 campaign is led by steering committees of farmers across key states. Steering Committee members from Iowa and Minnesota expressed their frustration with President Trump’s broken ethanol promises ahead of the ad release.

“In 2019, President Trump came to Council Bluffs and promised farmers that we’d be seeing increased demand for ethanol through year-round E15,” said Iowa farmer Doug Thompson, a member of the Iowa Rural America 2020 steering committee. “But that promise amounted to nothing since the President quadrupled the number of exemptions for big oil companies so they could get out of ethanol requirements. Today E15 can be found in less than 1% of America’s filling stations. That’s why I’m proud that today we are putting up billboards in Council Bluffs and across the Midwest that remind people that Trump broke his promise.”

“President Trump’s giveaways to big oil have cost corn farmers over 4 billion in lost biofuel demand,” said Minnesota farmer Jim Nichols, a member of the Minnesota Rural America 2020 steering committee. “This campaign will expose the President’s actual record of over three and a half years of broken promises to farmers who depend on ethanol to support their families. Getting the word out is even more important now that the President is trying to pull the wool over farmer’s eyes by making last minute promises with less than two months to the election. We’ve seen these promises before and we’ve seen that big oil lobbyists win out each time.”

In addition to today’s ad, Rural America 2020’s Iowa Steering Committee recently wrote to Iowa Senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley seeking the release of a secret list of ethanol related promises they made on September 12th, 2020 at the White House. To date, that list of promises which was meant to help alleviate farmer anger at the administration has never been released and most of the promises have not been followed through on. The existence of the list has been reported by multiple news outlets but Iowa’s Senators and the White House have still not released it.

Rural America 2020 is a 501(c)4 bipartisan non-profit that has built steering committees of concerned rural leaders and farmers across multiple states. Rural America 2020 helps educate and activate rural Americans on public policy issues that are impacting them, their communities and key rural industries, including agriculture. Rural America 2020 has launched ad campaigns on rural issues, including the impact of trade policy, access to rural health care and other issues in Michigan, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Montana and other key rural states.