Billboard Warns of Trump Superspreader Event Tomorrow at Des Moines Airport

Ahead of Trump Airport Hangar Rally, Rural America 2020 posts billboard on corner of McKinley Avenue and Fleur Drive outside of Des Moines International Airport warning of superspreader event

(DES MOINES, IA) – Today, the Iowa Steering Committee of the Rural America 2020 campaign, put up a digital billboard outside of Des Moines International Airport pointing out the risk of President Trump’s rally being a COVID superspreader event. The billboard, located on the corner of McKinley Ave. and Fleur Dr outside of Des Moines International Airport, will remain up through the President’s visit to Des Moines International Airport which will take place tomorrow evening.

“We should all be worried about a President who was in the hospital with COVID last week and who now wants to pack thousands of Iowans into an airport hangar,”said Iowa Rural America 2020 Steering Committee member Chris Henning“This is the height of irresponsibility. We saw what happened in the Rose Garden. Why should the President be allowed to bring that kind of superspreader behavior into Iowa, particularly when our cases are rising?”

Rural America 2020 is a 501(c)4 bipartisan non-profit that has built steering committees of concerned rural leaders and farmers across multiple states, including Iowa. Rural America 2020 helps educate and activate rural Americans on public policy issues that are impacting them, their communities and key rural industries, including agriculture.