How the Biden Administration Can Adopt Climate-Smart Agricultural Solutions

(Maplewood, OH) – Chris Gibbs, Board President of Rural Voices USA (formerly Rural America 2020), the nationwide network of rural leaders working to ensure rural Americans have a voice in policies that impact their livelihoods, today released the following statement (and video) after the Biden administration announced several climate Executive Actions. Included in those actions is an order that “directs the Secretary of Agriculture to collect input from farmers, ranchers, and other stakeholders on how to use federal programs to encourage adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices.”

“Rural Americans, particularly farmers like me, know that climate change is real. Springs are later, seasons are being extended and severe weather events are devastating our crops. Farmers believe in science and value leaders in Washington, D.C. who do too.

“As the Biden administration begins their effort to address climate change today, I’m pleased that they are prioritizing soliciting the input of rural Americans whose jobs and income are on the line. We must be valued and vocal partners for this effort to have any chance at success.

“At Rural Voices USA, we will be working to ensure the conversation on climate and rural America explores a range of options, everything from different agronomics practices to carbon sequestration. A smart climate policy can provide new sources of income to our farmers – helping us to continue farming and get paid to sequester carbon. We will also be fighting to ensure that low carbon biofuels like ethanol play a prominent part in climate solutions. Prioritizing low-carbon biofuels an obvious and important way to protect rural income and jobs while adopting climate-smart agricultural policies.”

Watch a video filmed today of Chris Gibbs on his farm discussing the road ahead on climate solutions and the importance of rural voices in the legislative and regulatory process.