President Trump’s giveaways to Big Oil have cost farmers over 4 billion lost gallons of biofuel demand. Our campaign is exposing the President’s record of over three and a half years of broken promises to farmers who depend on ethanol to support their families.


President Trump’s waivers for Big Oil have created less incentive to blend ethanol and less demand. That means despite big promises to deliver E15 at pumps across the nation we still are seeing very few stations that carry it. Help us send a message to the Trump administration that it’s time to deliver for American farmers by pointing out that your local gas station still doesn’t have E15. See instructions for filming a short video below. 

Travel to Your Local Gas Station

Over 85% of America's Gas Stations Still Don't Have E15.

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3) Point out that: "There's No E15 Here"

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Let's Make Sure the President Hears that Broken E15 Promises are Unacceptable.